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Adjusting the Spine and Other Bones

Chiropractic Adjustments

Adjusting the Spine and Other Bones

I have been adjusting the spine and the extremities since 1974. Spinal adjustments are so important to the overall health of everybody, no matter what the condition.

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Turner Wellness and Concussion Centre, Providing Proprietary Cranial and Spinal Adjustment to Local and International Patients Since 1974
“We help you and your family express better health by correcting spinal and skull misalignments. Headaches, physical and learning disabilities, concussion symptoms, hearing, vision and memory all dramatically improve with our techniques.”

Cranial Adjusting

Cranial Adjusting (C.A.T.S.)

Correcting Skull Bone Misalignments

My proprietary C.A.T.S. technique can correct a multitude of problems related to various head injuries resulting from a difficult birth, or through falls and blows to the head from sports and other activities.

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Intro Video From Dr. Turner


“Turner Wellness does not treat medical conditions with any kind of medical procedures, surgeries or drugs. 

Misalignments in the spine and skull can interfere with nervous function, rendering either pain or organic / motor dysfunction.

By correcting misalignments in the spine and skull with chiropractic adjustments, we enable patients to improve nervous system function and attain better health.

Our chiropractic techniques are administered by hand: no instruments are used.

 When misalignments are corrected, amazing things can happen !  “

 Dr. Roger L. Turner, D.C.

What Our Patients Say

Concussion Treatment Results: Patient Video 1

Concussion Treatment Results: Patient Video 2

Our Technique

I have developed a breakthrough technique for correcting misalignments in the skull and improving and even reversing many conditions previously thought of as incurable.

Check out our e-book on Concussion Culture to learn more about the work we do.

Concussion Culture e-book

Come and See Us

Roger and Sharon Turner Family Centred From Youngest To the Oldest

Roger and Sharon Turner

Family Centred From Youngest To the Oldest

We make you feel totally at home in our offices. We can help if you have small children, a child who has Autism Spectrum or another disability, or an elderly parent who needs a bit more assistance. Whatever your situation, we are here for you.

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