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Learning Disabilities and Other Special Needs

Helping Ontario Children with Learning Disabilities in Barrie & Ottawa

“We have helped more than 60 non-verbal children say their first words through using my Cranial Adjusting Turner Style technique.”

We have been helping the families of children diagnosed with learning disabilities and Autism Spectrum Disorders since 1985. We have found that a causative factor for these disorders can be cranial bone misalignments. This can happen through a traumatic birth (forceps, vacuum extractor or suction), falls, high fevers that can cause brain swelling or similar causes and accidents.

Turner Wellness and Brain Centre

Realignment of Cranial Bones

The frontal areas of the brain, which control behaviour and the parietal / sphenoid areas, which are associated with the language centers, are the areas of the skull that are most commonly misaligned. When they are realigned and normal circulation restored, we find instances where non-verbal children begin to speak and many other positive results for children diagnosed with learning disabilities. We do not promise cures, but parents have seen their children become more communicative, their behavior and school work improved, and more smiles for all the family.

C.A.T.S. Testimonial

“At two years old he could not walk, talk or interact in any way. After the first C.A.T.S. adjustment he said his first word, second adjustment 1 hour later his next two words. After the third adjustment, three more words. After the forth adjustment, we went to my Aunt’s house; the next day he was sitting up and speaking in sentences. Last year in grade 1 he was getting in trouble in school for talking too much.” – Satisfied Patient

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