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Patient Results

Cranial Adjustments and Chiropractic Spinal Care: What Our Patients Say

At our Barrie clinic, we at Turner Concussion & Wellness Centre have seen patients from all over North America and other parts of the world.

After one cranial adjustment session, all symptoms of post-concussion are relieved:

After 5 concussions and “horrible” years of post-concussion syndrome involving headaches, lack of concentration, brain fog, difficulty in high school, inability to play sports, keep a job or make much money, Colin’s life “is grand,” thanks to C.A.T.S. cranial adjusting:

Twelve-year-old Jacob talks about how Dr. Turner’s cranial and chiropractic adjustments and nutrition guidelines have helped his dyslexia and other learning problems and improved his athletic abilities:

The patient’s grandfather talks about how Dr. Turner’s cranial adjustments have helped him develop normal physical coordination, talk without a lisp and go from below average to above grade level in school:

Dr. Roger Turner demonstrates how he is able to realign a person’s jaw and broken nose through using his proprietary cranial adjusting technique:


Concussion Transformations: What Our Patients Say

Written Testimonials

girl beforegirl after
Adopted Vietnamese Girl, Oklahoma
After suffering uncontrollable, inconsolable constant crying for three years, this patient stopped crying just after 1 minute receiving C.A.T.S. The second photo was taken just 1 minute after the adjustment.
Michael, Barrie, Ontario
I could talk for the first time and answer the phone after my first cranial adjustment.
Michel, Roanoke, Virginia
I was hit by a MAC truck, could not stand straight, talk so anyone understood me or raise my arm above my head. With C.A.T.S. I stand straight, can raise my arm and everyone understands me.
My son Austin has autism. Over the years we have tried everything to help him, but it seemed that the older he got, the more we lost him. He has always been inattentive to those things that do not interest him. He has always had slow speech and he lacked social skills and friends. We have been working on all those areas with some success, but last summer was different. He was the worst he has ever been. The school was considering a behaviour class instead of his partially integrated placement. As he approached adolescence, our child with the gentle nature was changing into a stranger we could hardly recognize. There were days on end without a smile. His eyes were dull; he had become sullen, angry and aggressive. What you have done for our son and for our family is beyond measure…
James, Barrie, Ontario
I can now talk in sentences.
kollinkollin at age 17
Kollin, North Bay, Ontario
His head was misaligned from vacuum extraction. He did not do well his first nine years. His parents were told he would never amount to anything. The second picture is Kollin at 17 graduating from high school.
dr mandeep bains son
Dr. Mandeep Bains, British Columbia Chiropractor
Dr. Mike Reid and Lise Coulture witness the son of BC chiropractor, Dr. Mandeep Bains, transition from speaking single words to 3- and 4-word sentences in two days after C.A.T.S. adjustments.
Wyatt, Regina, Saskatchewan
At two years old he could not walk, talk or interact in any way. After the first C.A.T.S. adjustment, he said his first word, the second adjustment 1 hour later his next two words. After the third adjustment three more words, after the fourth adjustment we went to my Aunt’s house. The next day he was sitting up and speaking in sentences. Last year in grade 1 he was getting in trouble in school for talking too much
Roanoke, Virginia
My baby just lay there – could not walk or talk. One week later after C.A.T.S. adjustments we have a new child, walking and talking.
dr ruby's son
Dr. Ruby’s Son, Peterborough, Ontario
I don’t see double anymore.